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SUMMIIT Challenges provides a wide variety of events and services for at home athletes worldwide.

That’s how to start the weekend 🐐 climbing with my favorite instructor bradley_rose23 stellar playlists as always! 

Are you ready for summiitchallenges climb? Rebels have an incredible team, let me know if you’re ready to join in!

#summiitchallenges #rebelmountaingoats rosesrebels_peloton

these pictures capture the entire pelofondo weekend, but every year, I think we can all agree day 2 is a whole different animal. usually this is the part where things get a little less cute, the physical struggle gets a little tougher to ignore, and the voice in your head maybe tells you to give up. but every badass soul in NKO, every person in this collage (shout out to going___mad for all her hard work on this!), is built different. they never back down, never give up, always give it their all. 

the reality is, we could have thrown the towel in early and the results wouldn’t have changed. but we STILL had people who were not only committed to reaching their goals, but were also committed to BEATING them and also cheering on their chosen family and making sure nobody ever rode alone. 

one of our favorite parts of pelofondo is watching so many friends blow past their goals and realize they were capable of so much more than they originally thought. there were so many messages throughout the weekend where people would say “I pledged ____ miles, and I’m already there!” and before we knew it, they were sending finisher badges with double their original amount. it essentially had nothing to do with an end goal, or getting us over the top for a win; it had everything to do with realizing how strong, powerful, and capable each person is, and wanting to honor that. and when you put all of that together, it produced some epic end results that left us truly blown away.

YOU VS YOU, BB. It’s a beautiful damn thing❤️‍🔥

we love these faces, these individual stories and struggles and triumphs and reasons WHY; they made 24,104 miles possible, and they are the reason this fam shines and is such a special thing to be part of 🥹 — CLAP IT UP, CREW! 

#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #nkocrew #neverknockedoutcrew #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotoncommunity #pelotonbike #pelotonaddict #pelotonmotivation #pelotonchallenge #fitnesschallenge #workoutmotivation #homeworkouts #endurancechallenge #strongisbeautiful #fitnessjourney #fitfam #proudofyou
nko crew, we’re so proud of you🥇🫶🏻

and congrats to every other team & individual in the onepeloton community too💚

we are so proud of every single journey for every single person in this event, whether you rode your first or tenth pelofondo & crushed ten miles or two hundred miles, or your highest mileage or lowest distance, or highest speed or slowest pace. FORWARD is a pace. the bottom line is YOU SHOWED UP & that says it all💚

the fact is, we ✨get✨ to & y’all, that’s a gift & a privilege right there 👏🏻 we are clapping it up for you & hope you’re so proud of yourself and how far you’ve come, too 🥹 thank you to every single person for being an epic part of this team!

here are some quick stats in our 7th pelofondo:
⚡️24,104.02 miles 
⚡️first place out of 115 teams (fourth time!)
⚡️15.9 mph avg speed 
⚡️3498 classes taken
⚡️379 riders
⚡️1,521 hours & 35 minutes in the saddle
⚡️63.6 miles per athlete average 
⚡️104% average to goal (aka you tend to blow past your goals and we freaking love that about this team🥹) 

we also want to say thank you to Landon for all the hard work he does to keep these events free & running smoothly for all of us👏🏻 if you’re able to, please consider donating! 🙂 
💚venmo: pelofondo
💚paypal: pelofondo
💚cash app
💚find donation links here: or under your finisher badge in the app

our next events are summiit climb (march 3-9) & pelofondo (april 20-21) so if you’re crazy like us - go register & get ready to do it all again 😝🤘🏻

there’s something so special about the way this team comes together and charges at a goal, the way we show up to celebrate milestones, birthdays, PRs, finishing every kendall ride in the peloton library, crossing the pelofondo finish line. no matter what it is, this crew is unfailingly right there and ready to do the damn thing, together. and truly, that’s what it’s all about — in it together every step of the way, no matter what 👊🏻 we love y’all!

#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotonfam #pelotonfitness #togetherwegofar #nkocrew #neverknockedoutcrew #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #ridepeloton #strongisbeautiful
Another Pelofondo in the books! I also hit my 2K minutes milestone. 🙌🏻🎉 Loved riding with all my fellow mileagemaniacs ! 💕
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #mileagemaniacs #jfdi
100 miles on my Peloton in one day. 7 hours and 47 minutes. Done ✅ I ABSOLUTELY bought the medal because I have never medaled in anything besides math in my whole life. I would like to thank padded bike shorts, giant piles of snacks, the one hour nap I took at 4 pm, and luxastarte for ordering that surprise post-nap pizza. Also every single high-five along the way. And robinnyc because I figured out I was doing a whole extra mile in her classes along the way, so the last two hours was all Robin pushing. I need like five showers. #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #pelofondocapstone
To all the misfits out there: 

You are your own worst enemy. And you don’t need anyone else to add to it. Walk away. 

I woke up today and I’m polishing my crown 👑 with sweat! 

Love yourself fiercely. Turn your doubt into determination. 

Keep showing up even when it’s hard. Here’s to the silent battles everyone is going through that we don’t know about. Because we are not broken we just have different tools in our superhero toolbelt that makes us stronger. 

Trust fall into your dreams…the ones that keep you up late at night. Ask the question. Bet on yourself.

Reclaim the parts you thought you lost 

51.7 completed 
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges
believe us, we could never stop 🎶 😮‍💨 

& YOU’RE INVITED ⚡️ we’re just a few weeks from our first pelofondo of 2024 and we’re ready to crush this capstone event together 🤘🏻

if you love to smash goals while snacking and cracking hilarious jokes with the most fun, uplifting, encouraging people on the planet, we are absolutely the team for you 💚

if you’re like 👀 what is pelofondo - it’s basically an endurance cycling event that happens over the course of saturday + sunday, jan 27-28! all are welcome and every mile matters around here 🫶🏻 so whether you plan to ride for 2 miles or 200 miles that weekend, we want you to be part of our crew and crush it with us! 

🍝 we always kick things off with our friday night zoom pasta party where you can meet the team, laugh together, ask last minute questions, and carb load🤌🏻 

✨we also have stack captains leading the charge with high vibe rides planned for every hour of this 48 hour event so no matter when you ride, you are never alone 💚 (totally optional - feel free to choose your own rides also!) always #bettertogether around here 🙂 and if you’re crazy like we are, yes that even includes a group starting things off right at midnight! 🌙

we truly cover it all 🙌🏼 so whether you’re a pelofondo veteran looking for a fun new team to ride with or you’re brand new to peloton and pelofondo and want to dip your toes in — we’re so ready to link arms with you!

ready?! 👊🏻 download the summiit challenges app, join the Pelofondo event, pledge your (adjustable) mileage goal, & join team neverknockedoutcrew💚 then join our facebook group & Pelofondo event to stay in the loop!

🛝 slide right into our DMs so we can answer any questions & help you get started!
saturdays are for striding 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️💨 and this crew put in the werk werk werk werk!

our third summiitchallenges stride was a HUGE success! we had 96 athletes that completed a total of 621.43 miles (ya’ll we basically ran from south carolina to NYC lol) and took 2nd place out of 28 teams 🥈 we put up nearly 100 more miles than our last event in June and watching this team grow has been incredible. 

while the stats are impressive, what always touches us the most is the amount of heart that goes into these events. from the curated training stacks (shoutout to mgb_runs) to the camaraderie & competition that goes down in the group chat — this crew truly lifts one another up, helps each person see their true potential and crosses finish lines hand in hand together and it’s truly magical. 

whether you walked, jogged or ran. whether you put in 1 mile or 10. whether you did it on a tread, ran circles in a parking lot, pushed toddlers in strollers or hiked through mountains with dogs — YOU DID IT. and we are forever grateful and proud to have you on this team. carry that accomplishment with you & never forget that you are capable of far more than you think. 

keep flying that NKO CREW flag high and proud you little weirdos 🏁💚
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pelofondo SUMMIIT stride with my streakers365 team 🙌🏻
#pelofondo #streakers365 #onepeloton #togetherwegofar #summiitchallenges
RUN 🏃🏼‍♀️ DON’T WALK registration for the next summiitchallenges stride event is open! and crew — you know we’re going the distance. {registration link in bio}

calling all runners, walkers, joggers, skippers & everything in between. on the tread or outdoors, wherever you like to put those miles in. come cross that finish line with us 🏁

we’re excited to have our very own mgb_runs co-leading this team with training walks + runs, mileage goal plans and tons of motivation during the event 💚

mark your calendars for December 2nd and get ready for a day of fun with NKO crew as we crush another challenge together.

questions? slide into those DMs ➡️ we got you covered. 
#summiitchallenges #nkocrew #pelotonrunners #pelotontread #pelotontreadmill #pelotonmom #pelotondads #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #pelotonfitness #pelotonfamily #runningcommunity #runhappy #longdistancerunner #runningcommunity #pelotoncommunity #pelotonapp #pelotondigital #neverknockedoutcrew #bettertogether #fitnesschallenge #runningchallenge #runtogether #fitfam #pelotonuk #pelotonyoga #pelotonstrength
🎶 they said we couldn’t but we did it though. we win again 🏆💚🏁

it’s hard to put into words the pride we hold for this crew. to see you all rise up to each and every challenge thrown your way and to come together, hand in hand, to overcome all the obstacles. when we say no one rides alone, we truly mean it. 

from our amazing team leads hustle4kindness and erinjensen_ to all of our incredible stack captains. to the ones who started their race at 12am and to those who finished strong at 11pm. to those who squeezed rides in during a busy life weekend and those who rode with kids on their laps (we see you manda.clarkson). to the ones who kept our group chat thriving throughout the weekend (chelles_stl we’re looking at you babes) and the ones who recruited friends and family to increase our miles (hey reilly21106). to those who listened to their body when it screamed for their attention and to those who kept going when they felt good. to the veteran riders and all our first timers. UNBELIEVABLE WORK, YA’LL

every mile mattered. and ya’ll never wavered in reaching those personal mileage goals. in fact, you CRUSHED them. 

congratulations on another huge first place finish, crew 🙌🏼 we can’t wait for the whole team to be back together in January to blow the lid off this capstone event. LFG ⚡️
pelofondo summiitchallenges #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotonfamily #pelotonbike #ridepeloton #pelotoncycling #endurancecycling #enduranceevent #trainpeloton #pelotonmoms #pelotondads #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #pelotonapp #pelotonstrength #pelotonyoga #pelotonuk #pelotonfitness #cyclinglife #cyclinglifestyle #spinclassjunkie #spinclasses #pelotonaddict

⚡️ Monday at 12pm et — meet us on the bike at noon while we relive fave 2000s moments that made us the chaotic individuals we are today. so pumped to kick off the week with this one!

⚡️Wednesday at 9:00pm et — it’s a double header this west coast wednesday! we have a vibey 20 min house ride followed by a spicyyy 20 min climb. you know it’s always a party, so grab your fave evening bevy & meet us on the bike for the best mid-week reset

⚡️Saturday at 12:00 pm et — kendall is bringing us a 30 min pop moment on this pelofondo weekend, and damn those live rides just hit different when you’re crushing goals, crushing snacks, and crushing an insane number of miles in 48 hours. def a ride that’ll be on everyone’s list while we chase that gold together! 

🫶🏻l e t ‘ s  c o n n e c t :

💚NKO GROUP RIDES: we love bringing this rad crew together as much as possible - stay tuned for our weekly thursday night group ride at 7:30pm et! always announcing in stories, our ig channel, and our fb group!

💚PELOFONDO: come chase that gold with us THIS SATURDAY & SUNDAY🏆 & on that note — we want you to know if you’re brand new or a veteran, EVERY MILE MATTERS, whether it’s 2 or 200, and we want you on our team. let us know if you need help getting started! the most epic part of it all is the way this team shows up for each other, cheers each other on, lifts each other up. & we just can’t wait to see y’all link arms and make that magic happen 🪄

💖TA-TA TABATA & THE BREASTIES FUNDRAISER: in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are crushing a tabata class for the ta-tas every tuesday and collecting donations for the_breasties 🫶🏻 DONATION LINK IN BIO💕


💚let us know what you’re celebrating this week and come hang with us under the LB tag #neverknockedout — you belong here🫶🏻
let’s do this ⚡️ 
📅 OCT 21-22, 2023

we’re just a few weeks from our last pelofondo of 2023 and we’re ready to go out with a bang ☄️

in January we put ourselves on the podium and took 3rd place.

in April we set our eyes on the prize and secured 1st place, riding more than 24,000 miles. 

in July we hit it out of the park by taking 1st place again with more than 27,000 miles. 

if this crew can guarantee anything it’s that we absolutely love to link arms and smash goals together. but it’s always been about more than just the physical and mental challenge of overcoming that weekend. it’s about the fun. 

no matter how many miles or how many rides you join us for — you’re guaranteed a good time. 

🍝 from our Friday night zoom pasta party
✨to our countless themed stacks of fun

we truly cover it all 🙌🏼 we have stack captains ready motivate you through hours of fun music, high vibe rides and personal and team trackers that can ensure you crush your personal goals and feel connected to our overall team goals. 

whether you’re a pelofondo veteran looking for a fun new team to ride with or you’re totally new to peloton and pelofondo but want to jump head first into this wild weekend — we have space for you. 

🛝 slide right into our DMs so we can answer any questions & help get you registered for our team.
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges summiitchallenges #pelotonbike #endurancetraining #endurancecycling #enduranceriding #pelotoncycle #pelotoncycling #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #onepeloton #togetherwegofar #pelotonbikeplus #pelotonstrength #pelotontread #pelotonrider #ridepeloton #trainpeloton #pelotonapp #pelotondigital #endurancebiking #powerzonepack #powerzonetraining #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #pelotonmoms #pelotondads #bettertogether
🌎 💫 three quarters of 2023 spent with the most epic crew around. time really flies when you’re doing what you love with the people you love🫶🏻

LOOK AT ALL THESE FACES. we have to clap it up for our girl madleigh96 who not only pours her heart into these collages, but also brought this recap to life, and we are just in awe🥹

Q3 2023 has looked a little like this:

📸 1400+ post ride selfies
🚴🏼 36 new kendalltoole rides
🥊 9 new kendalltoole shadowboxing classes
💪🏻 2 new kendalltoole strength classes
🏆 first place finish for July Pelofondo (over 27,000 miles!)
🥇 first place finish for September Climb (over 621,000 feet!)
⚡️ over 50 group rides & shadowboxing classes
🌎 multiple regional and psny meetups all over the country
🎉 SO MANY birthday rides, milestone celebrations, and kt challenge finishers! (If you’re new here - this means completing every single kendall class in the peloton library!)

and we can’t believe on the other side of this next recap, we will be celebrating another epic pelofondo finish & probably still be screaming and crying over our FIRST ANNUAL RETREAT IN VEGAS 🎲🎶✈️ that is happening later this month and WE ARE NOT OKELL. 

Alexa, play “rollercoaster” by blink 182 because it has been one 🎢 But we wouldn’t want to ride our favorite ride with anyone else 🥹Thanks for being here, NKO crew. Life is a lot more colorful with all of you in it 💚

And the best part is — we’re just getting started.
N E V E R • K N O C K E D • O U T ⚡️
#nkocrew #neverknockedoutcrew #squadgoals #bettertogether #onepeloton #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #pelotonlife #pelotonaddict #pelotonmotivation #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #fitnessathome #homeworkouts #fitfam #friendswhoworkout #pelotonbike #pelotonshadowboxing
🎶 why are you here? 🎶 IT’S WEEKEND 100 baby // and you know we love these 
🎶 more than life 🎶 

with Pelofondo weekend just a few weeks away, the time to prep is now. we’ve got our hearts set on bringing that trophy home once again 🏆 

what is weekend 100?

🚲 endurance training stacks (100 minutes each) that take place Saturday & Sunday for the next 3 weeks. 

📆 9/30 & 10/1 • 10/7 & 10/8 • 10/14 & 10/15

⏰ start @ 12:30pm EST

💚 ride under the tag #neverknockedout

all rides will be posted to our stories the day before so you can build your stack. you can also find them in our facebook group with links to the rides. 

❓questions — slide into our DMs! we’re always happy to help

#neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #pelofondo #endurancetraining #pelotoncycle #pelotoncycling #ridepeloton #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #summiitchallenges #ridepeloton #trainpeloton #cyclinglife #spinclass #pelotonaddict #pelotonapp #spinclasslife #workoutgroup #workouttogether #pelotonmoms #pelotondads
a moment for our 
C L I M B ⚡️ C R E W

this team put their heads down, dug deep & did the work. and they did it together 🫶🏻

if you’ve ever competed in the summiitchallenges climb - you know this is not a challenge for the faint of heart. it takes everything you’ve got. BUT THIS CREW’S GOT A LOT. and they left it all on those damn bikes. ascending their way to the top, the way they always do 🏔️ 

for themselves, for this team. FIRST PLACE!
w e  a r e  s o  d a m n  p r o u d

join us for the next challenge as we take on pelofondo next month. slide into the DMs to learn more
#neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #NKOcrew #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #onepelotonrider #ridepeloton #summiitchallenges #pelotonbike #trainpeloton #resistancetraining #resistancecycling #cardiotraining #cardioworkout #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #pelotonmoms #pelotondads #togetherwegofar #bettertogether
when we say we will push a bus up a mountain to crush a goal, we mean it🏔️ 🚌 💨 nko crew brought home the gold in the summiit climb this week and we couldn’t be more proud 🥹🏆

❤️‍🔥 621,870.81 feet 
🏔️ aka stacking mt everest on itself 21 times😳 
🚴🏼 68 riders
⏰ 329 hours in the saddle
💪🏻 1,159 classes

this crew lights tf up when a challenge comes our way, but the real reason why hasn’t changed since we were a team of less than 40 bb underdogs on the summiit leaderboards — we just love to see the magic that happens when this chosen fam comes together and runs towards something. always feels like we can do anything together 🪄🫶🏻 

‼️if you love the fact that there are NO registration fees in these epic summiit challenges & would love for these services to continue, PLEASE DONATE! Landon does a killer job and would so appreciate your generosity. summiit on venmo, summiitchallenges on paypal, or find direct links to donate via either method on the summiit results page!

mount everest ain’t got on you, nko 🎶 and we can’t wait to crush the next mountain together. always better together💚
Was ne Woche 👀. Wie sehr habe ich mich auf den einzigen Climb in diesem Jahr gefreut - voller Elan gleich mal einen höheren Berg als 2022 gewählt, und dann kam doch alles anders als geplant… 😮‍💨 Private Termine, die nicht aufgeschoben werden wollten und konnten, Vereinsarbeit und on top noch ne Entzündung, die nun voll Fahrt aufgenommen hat. Da waren wir „knocked out“ und konnten die Challenge nicht abschließen 😭.
Ich freu mich dennoch für jeden Einzelnen, der wieder einen Haken ✔️ an die Aufgabe machen konnte und hey, wir sind ein Team! Platz 4. aller teilnehmen Teams und Platz 1 der 🇩🇪, da kippt meine Stimmung doch gleich wieder 🥹 und ich freu mich, dass ich wenigstens 3000 ft zum RGP Ergebnis beisteuern konnte!!! 🍾🫶🏻 Auf geht’s beim Pelofondo im Oktober 🚲🚲 #peloton #pelotongermany #summiitclimb #rasthofers #rockgoespeloton #summiitchallenges #teamleistung
never alone in this crowded room 💚

this crew has come a long way but no matter the size, one thing holds true. we always want our people to know they are more than a mileage number, more than a virtual high five, more than a leaderboard name. what we did this past weekend was nothing short of incredible and thanks to the tireless work of madison hemric, we get to show off all the beautiful faces in this crew that make it what it is. 

because of you — we never feel alone in this crowded room 🫶🏻

and because IG only lets us tag 20 people - we decided to honor ya’ll here instead. so here’s to all the miles racked up on DAY 1:

those.young.ones sarahpampaloni abigail brown loka___xo xcarolynnn breathinginhope sassnachos caro_manning alison.petry jackiekellar1021 determined4ever_ sniper_m_r6 curvyknockout clairevsimpson philthy_nyc ivydee_xo sammydpr dana_ann14 k_pufpaff emazing_grace fits_mandyj kgboffeli jeremydbrokaw rebecca canterbury michaclark3 activeerinmanus shelby__just mbrad2112 magic_drop_peloton andshewontsleepx idannylopez mgb_runs xkailey_marie jsraj27 mrschizz1 jenny_leeeee kiratz reilly21106 lexieee2888 afton.hamm shauna_nanana manda.clarkson aaangelaa hustle4kindness hayesgirl44 surfpeeps joe.iacono.56 grinandbareit7 heather webb poppunkpedaler erinjensen_ profpelotan marissarauthpeloton lindstagrams228 lindsay meelker moni_teller fitgirlonfire2012 kimberly_anne_8 fourworsleys spin_nikki_spin mrs.j.jones cliptosip jamil mneimneh lee jobbins tracyaggie jackie cecile swondocranford constancesm hannah Inez dkleid bthefountain lauren.n.foster janetbrindle74 madleigh96 + SO MANY MORE not pictured. 

and just for good measure — we added DARK BLUE to this post so we could hear it for the 7th time in 72 hours 🩵 love ya’ll so much it hurts. 
#neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #pelofondo pelofondo #summiitchallenges summiitchallenges #peloton #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #onepeloton #ridepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotonfamily #togetherwegofar #morethanabike #endurancecycling #pelotonmoms #pelotondads #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily
MilaMafia It's officially midnight on the ET coast, which means it's go time for Pelofondo! 🌙 Whether you're starting now or later, remember to rest, take breaks, stay hydrated, and fuel your body like the responsible baddie you are! 💪 Congratulations on participating in this weekend's long-distance cycling event! 🎉 Whether it's a few miles or big numbers, we're so proud of you! You've got this! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

Remember, if you feel like you need to adjust your goals, do so! Listen to your body and do what works best for you. 🚴‍♀️💚 Whether it's pushing harder or taking it easy, trust yourself and enjoy the journey! Most importantly, if you run into any issues, reach out to us.

Don't forget to tag us in your stories throughout the weekend! 📸 Let's see those selfies and track your progress! Share your Pelofondo experience with the MilaMafia community! 👥💬 Let's go MilaMafia! 👊 #Pelofondo #MilaMafia #CyclingEvent #GoTime #ListenToYourBody #ShareYourJourney #peloton #onepeloton #pelofondo #summiitchallenges
this is it y’all. the last round of weekend 100 before nko crew goes out to crush another pelofondo 🔥🤘🏻
two days of 100 minute pushes in the saddle together 😮‍💨 the level of dedication in this crew and the affinity for challenges is something we are so damn proud of. and now we can’t wait to see all of that come together for another epic fondo moment. 

and speaking of pelofondo — if you’re not registered on our team yet, wyd? whether you toss the 5 miles you were already planning to ride this weekend into our mix, or go all out for hundreds of miles, or you just want to pedal and see what happens — WE WANT YOU ON OUR TEAM. we have big goals where even the small miles mean the everything 🫶🏻 slide into those DMs so we can get you all set up and let’s do this thing!👊🏻
summiitchallenges #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #endurancetraining #summiitchallenges #pelofondo #cyclinglife #pelotoncycle #onepelotonrider #pelotonbike #pelotonaddict #ridepeloton #trainpeloton #pelotonmoms #pelotonlife #endurancecycling #spinclass #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #togetherwegofar
🤚🏼 days til we get f’ing crazy on these bikes again, crew 💚🏁

that’s right it’s pelofondo weekend (AGAIN, I KNOW) and between the training, snack shopping and PERFECT stack curation (shoutout to alilfitalexis) we are locked, loaded and ready to pedal our lives away. 

in April’s event our team biked more than 23,000 miles and took home first place 🥇 we’ve upped the ante this round and have our eyes set on hitting 30,000. there is no doubt that this team is crazy and capable enough to make it happen — but it’s going to take each and every one of us to get us there. 

whether you’re a pelofondo pro or maybe thinking of joining for the first time — there is room on this team for you. here’s what you can expect:

🍝 we kick things off Friday night with THREE virtual pasta parties where we carb load our faces off and get to mingle with the team. it’s truly the people that make this crew what it is so any chance we get for a little zoom face time, we take it!

🚴🏼‍♀️ across the pond our UK + German riders will begin their race, giving our team the perfect start to the weekend. Our US riders jump on starting at 12am EST and we have 51 hours of rides planned for the weekend (ending at midnight PST) 

🙃 each ride will be part of a carefully curated stack meant to motivate and keep the vibes high. each stack is lead by a stack captain who will be there to ride with you and the squad and keep everyone moving when things gets tough. 

🤝 we have group rides throughout the weekend where the whole team hops on and pushes through which keeps momentum high and gives us a nice bump in mileage. it’s the highlight of Pelofondo weekend! this round we even locked in two special swarms with peloravers and hausofsavagery because pelofondo is one big party!

If you haven’t registered yet — this is your sign to go do so now! we have officially crossed the 25k mile mark for our pledge and are getting so close to that goal. whether you are looking to commit to a crazy goal or want to hop in for a ride of two over the weekend, EVERY MILE COUNTS!

download the summiitchallenges app // register for team NeverKnockedOut Crew and then slide into our DMs so we can get you plugged in
the way we come with a warning ⚠️

joining this crew may in fact result in riding longer stacks, laughing a little too loud and crushing more PR’s than you thought possible. this crew SMASHED our 2nd weekend of pelofondo training and is one step closer to tackling that next competition which is now only 1 week away.

our team just crossed 24,000 miles pledged and while that’s the top mileage of any teams, we still have our eyes set on the goal of 30,000. these weekend 100 stacks have been so much fun and it’s so incredible to watch people far surpass what they thought they had in them. 

want to know more about next weekend’s event and how to register for our team and join the fun? SMASH that “request” button and we’ll help you out. 

carry that confidence with you into this next week & beyond, crew 👏🏼
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june 2023 stride • 10 miles 💜
i woke up yesterday morning fully prepared to do 5 miles, but something in me said f*ck why not shoot for 10.

i’ve been putting off running for months… to the point my mind has pretty much convinced me that my endurance is shot and i can barely run a mile.

well, i ran for 3 miles w/o stopping in just under 30 mins & i am really damn proud of that 🥹🏃🏼‍♀️

our mind likes to convince us we are incapable in an effort to protect us. if i had listened to that voice, i never would have tried in the first place.

you need to recognize when to tune it out, follow your heart and break through those barriers.

in total, i ended up running 3 miles and walking 7 over the course of yesterday and while i was VERY close to quitting mid day, i knew i set out to do something, so i was damn well going to do it.

never back down from a challenge. just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

you ARE capable, despite what you may believe 🫶🏼🏃🏼‍♀️💜

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man it feels good
everything is right
energy is strong enough 
to brighten city lights
my whole team winning
no vision on quitting
I'd rather say I did 
than let them busters say I didn't
let 'em talk about it
I'm already living 💚

these are just a few of the 300+ amazing teammates that took us to the top. but the miles we rode were the least exciting part of the weekend.

from the multiple zoom pasta parties (always filled with laughter) to the middle of the night rides, the incredible support in our group chat, the zoom sessions while riding, the endless snacks and jokes all weekend long. if there’s one thing this crew knows it’s how to have a good time. absolutely loved watching everyone come together and achieve this incredible goal. from the start of the event to the late night app-based high fives as our west coast riders finished, pelofondo weekend is always a reminder that here in NKO no on ever rides alone, we are always better together and there is nothing that can stop us from achieving far beyond what we ever thought possible.

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BUCKLE UP, BABY. it’s gonna be a wild ride 🤘🏼

we are 19 days out from our next Pelofondo event. this is our 4th as team NKO and honestly, we’re running straight to the top this time. we’re not here to play small or underestimate how powerful this crew is. it’s our time to shine and we’re gonna light it the F up.

january where showed them who we are. our crew, a fraction of the size of those around us, took 3rd place. we poured our hearts and souls into every last mile and pedaled until the last minute because we wanted the podium. this time - we’re going for gold. since the day after the last event ended we decided this was the goal and quite frankly i don’t think there’s anything that can stop us now.

if you want to be part of something special.
if you want to see how gritty it can get.
if you want to push past what you thought possible and surround yourself with people who will support you every second of this 48 hour window - then this is your sign to join us.

🖤 we have an epic pre-pelofondo pasta party friday night and then the madness begins at 12am. 

🖤 we will have rides scheduled for every minute of the weekend so that no matter where you or when you’re riding - you’ll never have to do it alone. We have KT specific stacks as well as various other instructors for those looking for a little variety. 

🖤 we’ll be sharing snack ideas, hydration reminds and our most proven tips and tricks for making your weekend as successful as possible.

🖤 we have 11 new ride captains that will be available to you all weekend long for stacks, support and updates on where we stand.

🖤 most importantly we have an INSANE amount of fun. we always tell people that pelofondo is our Super Bowl weekend. it’s gotten bigger and better each time and I have a feeling this one will be off the charts.

If you’re new to Peloton, aren’t sure what Pelofondo is or need some help figuring out your mileage goal should be - slide into our DM’s and we’ll get you plugged into our event and Pelofondo group chat.

If you’re registered and ready to go, drop your leaderboard name in the comments below 👇🏼 
then be sure to tag a friend that needs to join!
Relaxing in my swinging chair after I decided to sweep out some of these COVID cobwebs by doing a summiitchallenges climb ride! There I go putting the “regrettable” in Girl Gang of Regrettable Decisions… 

#summiitchallenges #GGRD #ClimbRide #45minSweetSpot #NoMyStomachHasNotSeenSunshineInAwhile
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