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SUMMIIT Challenges provides a wide variety of events and services for at home athletes worldwide.

🎶 why are you here? 🎶 IT’S WEEKEND 100 baby // and you know we love these 
🎶 more than life 🎶 

with Pelofondo weekend just a few weeks away, the time to prep is now. we’ve got our hearts set on bringing that trophy home once again 🏆 

what is weekend 100?

🚲 endurance training stacks (100 minutes each) that take place Saturday & Sunday for the next 3 weeks. 

📆 9/30 & 10/1 • 10/7 & 10/8 • 10/14 & 10/15

⏰ start @ 12:30pm EST

💚 ride under the tag #neverknockedout

all rides will be posted to our stories the day before so you can build your stack. you can also find them in our facebook group with links to the rides. 

❓questions — slide into our DMs! we’re always happy to help

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a moment for our 
C L I M B ⚡️ C R E W

this team put their heads down, dug deep & did the work. and they did it together 🫶🏻

if you’ve ever competed in the summiitchallenges climb - you know this is not a challenge for the faint of heart. it takes everything you’ve got. BUT THIS CREW’S GOT A LOT. and they left it all on those damn bikes. ascending their way to the top, the way they always do 🏔️ 

for themselves, for this team. FIRST PLACE!
w e  a r e  s o  d a m n  p r o u d

join us for the next challenge as we take on pelofondo next month. slide into the DMs to learn more
#neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #NKOcrew #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #onepelotonrider #ridepeloton #summiitchallenges #pelotonbike #trainpeloton #resistancetraining #resistancecycling #cardiotraining #cardioworkout #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #pelotonmoms #pelotondads #togetherwegofar #bettertogether
when we say we will push a bus up a mountain to crush a goal, we mean it🏔️ 🚌 💨 nko crew brought home the gold in the summiit climb this week and we couldn’t be more proud 🥹🏆

❤️‍🔥 621,870.81 feet 
🏔️ aka stacking mt everest on itself 21 times😳 
🚴🏼 68 riders
⏰ 329 hours in the saddle
💪🏻 1,159 classes

this crew lights tf up when a challenge comes our way, but the real reason why hasn’t changed since we were a team of less than 40 bb underdogs on the summiit leaderboards — we just love to see the magic that happens when this chosen fam comes together and runs towards something. always feels like we can do anything together 🪄🫶🏻 

‼️if you love the fact that there are NO registration fees in these epic summiit challenges & would love for these services to continue, PLEASE DONATE! Landon does a killer job and would so appreciate your generosity. summiit on venmo, summiitchallenges on paypal, or find direct links to donate via either method on the summiit results page!

mount everest ain’t got on you, nko 🎶 and we can’t wait to crush the next mountain together. always better together💚
Was ne Woche 👀. Wie sehr habe ich mich auf den einzigen Climb in diesem Jahr gefreut - voller Elan gleich mal einen höheren Berg als 2022 gewählt, und dann kam doch alles anders als geplant… 😮‍💨 Private Termine, die nicht aufgeschoben werden wollten und konnten, Vereinsarbeit und on top noch ne Entzündung, die nun voll Fahrt aufgenommen hat. Da waren wir „knocked out“ und konnten die Challenge nicht abschließen 😭.
Ich freu mich dennoch für jeden Einzelnen, der wieder einen Haken ✔️ an die Aufgabe machen konnte und hey, wir sind ein Team! Platz 4. aller teilnehmen Teams und Platz 1 der 🇩🇪, da kippt meine Stimmung doch gleich wieder 🥹 und ich freu mich, dass ich wenigstens 3000 ft zum RGP Ergebnis beisteuern konnte!!! 🍾🫶🏻 Auf geht’s beim Pelofondo im Oktober 🚲🚲 #peloton #pelotongermany #summiitclimb #rasthofers #rockgoespeloton #summiitchallenges #teamleistung
after this picture, i perished ☠️

i don’t know why i keep doing this to myself. every time i finish the summiitchallenges climb event i scream “NEVER AGAIN” and then registration rolls around and next time you know i’m pushing a bus up a mountain again 🥵

i was feeling good half way through this challenge but then life got in the way. went a little too hard on the Prosecco friday (looking at you roche333) and woke up half alive today but was so damn determined to finish this thing. 

would not have survived with the insane support and motivation from neverknockedoutcrew 💚 ya’ll are just unreal. strongmamalaura was by my side on almost every ride this week and although she had already finished her mountain, she came back on to help me finish mine. I rode on and off all day with itzamejennifer_peloton, mgb_runs and mrsashleywilson who had high fives and hands on my back like never before. if you’ve taken this challenge you know it’s just insanely hard and becomes mine over matter. 

but we did it, baby! HALEAKALA 🏔️ 
😮‍💨 10,078 feet
⏰ 5 hours 40 minutes
🚴🏼‍♀️ 26 climb rides
💪🏼 Avg output 267 watts
💨 Avg speed 63 RPM

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#Finished #summiitchallenges #CLIMB #OneWeekOfClimbing #day6finished #SaintElias #18000feet #bikethatgoesnowhere #strongertogether #teamwork #togetherwegofar #unbreakablelinks🔗 #calories #miles #feetascended
#summiitchallenges #CLIMB #OneWeekOfClimbing #day5 #SaintElias #18000feet #bikethatgoesnowhere #strongertogether #teamwork #togetherwegofar #unbreakablelinks🔗 #calories #miles #feetascended
🌟 Done and dusted! This morning I finished my first ever SUMMIIT Climb challenge- a 10,000 foot ascent up Mount Haleakala 🏔️ 🚲 
🌟 I headed into this challenge scared and nervous, with absolutely no idea what to expect. Half-way through I figured out the best, most efficient cadence /resistance / output combo and it certainly paid off.
🌟 I started out at “beginner” with a projected time of 8 hours and 40 minutes, and finished at “advanced” with a completion time of 6 hours and 10 minutes!
🌟 This was also definitely a mental challenge and needed a strong mindset at many times to persevere.
🌟 A shout-out to summiitchallenges for putting this together, and to my favorite onepeloton instructors codyrigsby , robinnyc , iamicaniwillido , and pelotonjenn , and alextoussaint25 for providing excellent music and motivation when I need it most ❤️
🌟 This was my first ever climb challenge and it definitely won’t be my last 🤍

#onepeloton #summiitclimb #summiitchallenges #summiitclimbchallenge #togetherwegofar
You CAN do hard things! Another successful #summiitclimb challenge in the books! I had to get this done in 5 days vs the allowed 7 so I kept myself at intermediate level so I could ride longer in less days and not burn out. 

Thanks to summiitchallenges for another great challenge! 

#summiitchallenges #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #pelotonfamily #pelotonmoms #pelotoncommunity #climbride
#summiitchallenges #CLIMB #OneWeekOfClimbing #day4 #SaintElias #18000feet #bikethatgoesnowhere #strongertogether #teamwork #togetherwegofar #unbreakablelinks🔗 #calories #miles #feetascended
Ugly sweaty selfie… but I’m almost to the summit! ⛰️⛰️⛰️ 

#summiitchallenges #summiitclimb #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #onepeloton #pelotonfamily #summitorbust #fitover50andbeyond #thisis58
Todays ⛰️ grind was all about picking Peloton classes with the right music to help me forget how bad my a$$ hurts and to remind myself we CAN do hard things… 

5,580 more feet to the summit! 

#summiitchallenges #summiitclimb #fitat58 #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #pelotonmoms #pelotonfitness #pelotoncommunity
Brag: absolutely smashed my 30 minute PR today 🔥 
(And it was my 6th ride in 36 hours 🤪)

It feels really good to do cardio again. 
I used to be a runner. Like half marathon and crazy relays kinda runner. 

I loved the metrics, making training plans, mapping out routes, and hitting PRs. 
But my body hated it. 
Because I wasn't treating it well. 
I wasn't eating enough. I wasn't resting enough. I wasn't practicing good recovery. And I was constantly fighting injuries and exhausted. 
And I'd beat myself up if I had a sucky run/race. 

I quit running, at my doctor's behest. 
I focused on healing. On yoga. On walking. On strength training. 
I had physical therapy and hip surgery. 

And now I'm finding my groove with my Peloton, thanks to SUMMIIT Challenges. 

I can't fully let go of my competitive streak, even if I'm only competing against myself. 

The difference is now I know how to actually listen to my body. 
To fuel. To hydrate. To rest. To stretch. And to call it quits if I have to without guilt or shame. 

And my body is thanking me by showing up strong and powerful AF. 

THIS is the power of healing. 
THIS is the power of listening. 
THIS is the power of putting your wellbeing over the number on the scale. 

#peloton #intuitiveeating #antidiet #antidietleah #summiitchallenges
2x10hr overnight shifts, 7.5hr OT, 1 period (TMI I know!) 100km Peloton. I had every excuse to not do the summiitchallenges Pelofondo this weekend BUT I couldn’t let down rosesrebels_peloton 🌹our small but kickass team! The perfectly timed delivery of the medal on Friday was also a little boost/oblige me into it 😉 
Looking back on my first 100k ride it took 6hr24m in 17 months I have chipped away exactly 2 HOURS off my time. After that first 100k ride I spent the rest of the day in bed. This time I’m ready to go again! 
Just keep peddling peeps! Bring on the next one!!! 

#rosesrebels #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #peloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #nightshiftproblems #onedayordayone
Finally Done! 🙌❤️🚴‍♀️💦

#pelofondo2023 #onepeloton #rideyourbike #pelotoncommunity #summiitchallenges #togetherwegofar #leukemiaandlymphomasociety
Another pelofondo, another century ride in the books! I rode 100 miles on my bike that goes nowhere. So proud of my neverknockedoutcrew teammates and everyone else participating in this weekend’s event. 

I rode a total of 100.76 miles in 5 hours (four 75 mins sets), averaging 20.1 mph and burning 3,890 calories. Meanwhile, I celebrated my 1,200th Peloton ride in the process!!!

Dream big. Work hard. Never give up.

#peloton #onepeloton #summiitchallenges #pelofondo
MilaMafia It's officially midnight on the ET coast, which means it's go time for Pelofondo! 🌙 Whether you're starting now or later, remember to rest, take breaks, stay hydrated, and fuel your body like the responsible baddie you are! 💪 Congratulations on participating in this weekend's long-distance cycling event! 🎉 Whether it's a few miles or big numbers, we're so proud of you! You've got this! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

Remember, if you feel like you need to adjust your goals, do so! Listen to your body and do what works best for you. 🚴‍♀️💚 Whether it's pushing harder or taking it easy, trust yourself and enjoy the journey! Most importantly, if you run into any issues, reach out to us.

Don't forget to tag us in your stories throughout the weekend! 📸 Let's see those selfies and track your progress! Share your Pelofondo experience with the MilaMafia community! 👥💬 Let's go MilaMafia! 👊 #Pelofondo #MilaMafia #CyclingEvent #GoTime #ListenToYourBody #ShareYourJourney #peloton #onepeloton #pelofondo #summiitchallenges
🚵🏼 Oh my new gusgrip is going to store all of my treats during the next pelofondo or one of the summiitchallenges! Today I used it during a Madonna ride with robinnyc to earn my gold badge in June for cycling. 🚵🏼

🫶🏼Thank you, Jen at gusgrip for being a friend to me and our onepeloton family. 🫶🏼

#gusgrip #gusgrippodcast #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #summiitclimb #fitnessjourney #onepeloton #pelotonbike #swaggersociety #madonna #pridemonth #lovewins #loveislove
Not quite as good as last week… my knee was acting up at mile 2 so I didn’t make it nearly as far as I’d planned. 

The sky was threatening rain. The temp was 70°. It was a perfect day for a run! 

#summiitchallenges #summiitstride #pelotonrunner #altrarunningfans
Rest day with a dog walk. Tomorrow logging some miles with my becsbeasts for the SUMMIIT Stride challenge summiitchallenges. Come join the fun with our team (it’s virtual and tread miles count).

#restday #summiitchallenges
Pelofondo #4 in the books! I’m super proud of this one, this was the longest distance I’ve committed to in a weekend, and somehow i gained some speed on top of that; even with my legs slowing down a ton during my last two rides! 

Loved joining the neverknockedoutcrew for this one! Can’t wait to see who joins on the next one!

NOW to rest 😴

#peloton #pelofondo #neverknockedout #summiitchallenges
1st ride in the books pelofondo , 54 miles done and dusted 🚴🏼‍♀️🚲🚴🏼‍♀️ 
teamwilpers ,#SpicyAmiga🌶️

#hardcorepelofondo , #pelofondo2023 , #pelofondo , 
#Summiitpelofondo, #summiitchallenges
BUCKLE UP, BABY. it’s gonna be a wild ride 🤘🏼

we are 19 days out from our next Pelofondo event. this is our 4th as team NKO and honestly, we’re running straight to the top this time. we’re not here to play small or underestimate how powerful this crew is. it’s our time to shine and we’re gonna light it the F up.

january where showed them who we are. our crew, a fraction of the size of those around us, took 3rd place. we poured our hearts and souls into every last mile and pedaled until the last minute because we wanted the podium. this time - we’re going for gold. since the day after the last event ended we decided this was the goal and quite frankly i don’t think there’s anything that can stop us now.

if you want to be part of something special.
if you want to see how gritty it can get.
if you want to push past what you thought possible and surround yourself with people who will support you every second of this 48 hour window - then this is your sign to join us.

🖤 we have an epic pre-pelofondo pasta party friday night and then the madness begins at 12am. 

🖤 we will have rides scheduled for every minute of the weekend so that no matter where you or when you’re riding - you’ll never have to do it alone. We have KT specific stacks as well as various other instructors for those looking for a little variety. 

🖤 we’ll be sharing snack ideas, hydration reminds and our most proven tips and tricks for making your weekend as successful as possible.

🖤 we have 11 new ride captains that will be available to you all weekend long for stacks, support and updates on where we stand.

🖤 most importantly we have an INSANE amount of fun. we always tell people that pelofondo is our Super Bowl weekend. it’s gotten bigger and better each time and I have a feeling this one will be off the charts.

If you’re new to Peloton, aren’t sure what Pelofondo is or need some help figuring out your mileage goal should be - slide into our DM’s and we’ll get you plugged into our event and Pelofondo group chat.

If you’re registered and ready to go, drop your leaderboard name in the comments below 👇🏼 
then be sure to tag a friend that needs to join!
Over the span of 7 days, I rode 229.1 miles and climbed over 20k vertical feet to conquer the summiitchallenges Climb Event. If we lived in a vacuum, this would have been way easier. But we don't, so rides were dispersed between dropping kids off at school, cooking meals, keeping my 3 year old happy, dealing with absolute heartache as friends are going thru unthinkable circumstances, and all sorts of other adulting. 

I could have come up with 5000 excuses to not complete this challenge. But my amazing team of fellow brokeassbitchesofpeloton kept me going. We are capable of such amazing things, especially when we are cheering each other on. 
So many people in the world feel threatened by others' successes. Act like everything is a competition. I never ONCE felt that this was a competition. We were each achieving our own goals with the support of one another. I was inspired by each and every one of you- never threatened. To have such a huge group of people cheering each other on makes the view from the top so much sweeter. Thanks bitches & bitchachos. Until next time. #peloton #summiitclimb #summiitchallenges #pelopeasants #brokeassbitchesofpeloton
5th fondo in 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 books 👏🏼 

after riding my bike for nearly a day, it was only fitting that my post-pelofondo hangover would last just as long. but we alive baby ✌🏼

couldn’t have made it through a single one of these miles without neverknockedoutcrew 💚⚡️

we aren’t the biggest team.
we aren’t the most athletic team.
but there’s no doubt in my mind we have the biggest hearts, the most grit and a determination that is un-f*ckablewith. we set our eyes on the prize this round and didn’t stop until we got there, together.

proud doesn’t even begin to describe it 🥹❤️‍🔥

3rd motherfucking place my people 💚🏁 SWIPE for some really amazing results 👉🏼
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #onepeloton #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #nkopelofondo #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #pelotoncycling #pelotonapp #pelotondigital
Just here stretching A LOT because I cycled 100+mi this weekend & that called for a selfie with my onepeloton bike that goes nowhere BUT has yet taken me so far💁🏽‍♀️. Time to relax, rest, and recover xque la rompí🍑🦵🏽

Lots of love to team lamilamafia everyone is killing it! 🫶🏽 #selfcare #thirdpelofondo  #mevsme #iammybiggestfan #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #summiit #longdistancecycling #pelotonmoms #strongmama 
#pelotonteachers #MilaMafia #togetherwegofar #wedontquit #nopatasucia
My first (and won’t be last) Pelofondo ✅ teamlovewell showed up bright & early ready to crush this challenge! The team logged in 520 miles already on day one by noon 😮👊🏻

I only pledged for 31miles due to a busy weekend for CNY but am darn proud I got it done this morning! Keep crushing it team 👊🏻 #Pelofondo #summiit #summiitchallenges #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #teamlovewell #strongertogether #pelofondo2023
is joining team lamilamafia for pelofondo this weekend! #nopatasucia #pelofondo #thirdpelofondo #summiitchallenges #milamafia #pelotonmoms #pelotonteachers #longdistancecycling #nofilter🙋🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️😅
Pelofondo 1 is in the books. 💪

“Zeit hat man nicht, die muss man sich nehmen.” 💯🫣

onepeloton pelofondo 
#PeloFondo #peloton #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #pelotongermany #ridewiththebeast #erstbiestdanneis
 #pelotondeutschland #spinning #spinningbike #pelotonbike #community #togetherwegofar  #ZYM #SUMMIITCHALLENGES #Scosche
I’m addicted to doing things that are hard AF. First Pelofondo in the books! A 2 day event and you pledge a certain amount of miles to benefit a specific charity organization. This time was Alzheimer’s Association! In the middle of my ride I told myself I set my goal too high.. However I found a way and pushed through (quite slowly) and met my 100 mile goal at 5:15am today. Just a reminder that you can do it and you will do, if you set your heart to it. That’s all!💜 pelofondo #pelofondo #pelofondo2022 #summiitchallenges #pelotonaddict
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