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SUMMIIT Challenges provides a wide variety of events and services for at home athletes worldwide.

another month, another nko crew goal to crush together! it’s summiit stride szn bb and we’ll be miles apart 🎶🛣️ but still racking up those miles as a team 💚 and we’d love to have you join us!

🏃🏼‍♀️summiit stride is a ONE day (saturday, june 15) virtual walking + running event! similar to pelofondo, you choose a mileage goal you want to go after, tackle it all at once or chip away throughout the day, and log as you go along! and you already know — we’re ready to stack those miles up, celebrate each other, and crush some goals together 🤘🏻

👟💨 make summiit stride work for YOU 👏🏻 here are some ways you can contribute to our team goal:
🏔️go for a hike
🏝️take a walk on the beach
🐶walk your dog
👶🏼take the stroller for a spin
☀️ walk or run your favorite outdoor route
🚲chase your kid while they ride their bike 
🏃🏻‍♂️walk or run on the tread 

🏁 ready to join us? here’s how to get started:
⚡️download the summiit challenges app
⚡️register for the summiit stride event and choose your mileage goal 
⚡️join team NeverKnockedOut Crew
⚡️join our facebook group & event to stay in the loop 
⚡️find us on the leaderboard: #NKOSTRIDE

you in?! let us know below!

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Pelofondo #14
It wasn’t the best of my Pelofondo but I am happy to have had the opportunity once again to have participated in this wonderful event for a good cause pelofondo and to have been able to add a few miles to my amazing Team lamilamafia 🥳
I initially signed up to do 150 miles, but I didn’t want to hurt myself since I’m preparing for an upcoming Half marathon so I had to decrease to 100 miles and in the end I was able to complete a few more miles without injuries. “Si se Puede” 💪🏻🚴‍♀️🏅🐢
#onepeloton #pelofondo #milamafia #togetherwegofar #pelofondochallenge #summiitchallenges
Whoop, whoop! I finished it🤗  I started with some of the shorter rides (10, 15, 20min) but, it seems I prefer the longer rides (30, 60min).😅 Getting up at 3:45-4 am to get the rides in before work made this challenge approachable. 

#Myfitnessgoals #fitnessforlife
#pelotonbike #morethanabike #Icandohardthings #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity 
Finished!! I've never done a Summiit Climb challenge before, and I decided to do this one last Sunday, the day it began. Didn't know how it would go, but I was up for the challenge! Feeling very proud! And tired 😄 

Mileage isn't the goal, but this was about 88 miles in total

#sweatyselfie #onepeloton #peloton #summiitclimb #summiitchallenges #haleakala #climbride #climb #goalgetter #hardcoreonthefloor #badgechaser #workout #workoutcomplete #goals
Finished my first summiitchallenges climb event today and conquered Haleakala at 10,000 ft. 

I jumped in last minute with both feet and no real plan. How hard could it be? The answer is: hard. I figured I could stay in a (power) zone 2/3 (which I though shouldn’t be too bad), I am an endurance girl after all, but turns out that grinding in low cadence is way more of a challenge (for a high cadence rider like me) 😅

But I tried a few difference things and figured it out along the way with the help of some amazing streakers365 team mates! I might actually do this again 🤣

#summiitchallenges #summiiitclimb #streakers365 #climbingtogether #trynewthings #daretotry #onepelotonrider #peloton
summiitchallenges Day 2 ✅ and I’m feeling pretty good. Continuously reminding myself it’s a marathon to the summit not a sprint. 🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️

#summiitchallenges #summiitclimb #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #pelotonmoms #pelotonchallenge #ridethedamnbike
La Muerte = 15,000+ feet. 
Adrian Williams = 6.1 feet
…..clearly picked the wrong thing to climb 💯
#summiitchallenges  #summiitclimb
Doing my first day with a great BaB! And an amazing friend!! 💚💚💚 

#summiitchallenges  #summiitclimb
#climbtraining #climb #summiitchallenges  #summiitclimb #onepeloton #pelotonbike #togetherwegofar #strongertogether #trainingday #whitefacemountain #expertlevel
a climb up a mountain but make it right above it 🎤 👆🏻 — we’re going TO THE MOON, nko crew, and you’re invited so lfgggg! 🚀🌙

march 3-9 we have a summiit climb to crush together (seriously no shortage of insane challenges to take on together around here, but our people get us 😂). set your individual climb goal and chip away at it a little each day until you reach the top of your “mountain!” (or in our case— the moon😝) as we go after one big goal as a team!

🌖 a guided training plan to prep all this month!
🧑‍🚀 stack captains for the event accommodating all time zones so no one rides alone (& we are actually looking for more of these!)
🪐how-to graphics & videos explaining how the climb challenge works
📱a facebook event and Instagram highlight to stay in the loop! 
🏁 a tracker, team leaderboard tag (NKO2theMOON) for the event, and a leaderboard pic! (Check out our climb highlight!)

💚 download the summiit challenges app (or you may already have it from pelofondo!)

🏔️ register for the climb event (march 3-9) and follow the prompts to choose your mountain and enter your FTP (swipe for how to calculate yours!)

‼️NOTE: unlike pelofondo, once you choose your mountain for the climb, you are locked into that choice! choose the smallest mountain if this is your first time 🙂

⚡️join team NEVERKNOCKEDOUT CREW (no code needed to join)

💻 join our fb community and climb event to keep up on what’s happening! we will also be sharing to ig stories and a climb highlight!

🚴🏼 find us on the leaderboard: #NKO2theMOON 

🚀 let us know in the comments if you’re ready to blast off with us or slide into our DMs if you need help getting started!

#neverknockedoutcrew #nkocrew #summiitchallenges #summiitclimb #pelotonchallenge #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotonaddict #pelotonlife #pelotonmotivation
nko crew, we’re so proud of you🥇🫶🏻

and congrats to every other team & individual in the onepeloton community too💚

we are so proud of every single journey for every single person in this event, whether you rode your first or tenth pelofondo & crushed ten miles or two hundred miles, or your highest mileage or lowest distance, or highest speed or slowest pace. FORWARD is a pace. the bottom line is YOU SHOWED UP & that says it all💚

the fact is, we ✨get✨ to & y’all, that’s a gift & a privilege right there 👏🏻 we are clapping it up for you & hope you’re so proud of yourself and how far you’ve come, too 🥹 thank you to every single person for being an epic part of this team!

here are some quick stats in our 7th pelofondo:
⚡️24,104.02 miles 
⚡️first place out of 115 teams (fourth time!)
⚡️15.9 mph avg speed 
⚡️3498 classes taken
⚡️379 riders
⚡️1,521 hours & 35 minutes in the saddle
⚡️63.6 miles per athlete average 
⚡️104% average to goal (aka you tend to blow past your goals and we freaking love that about this team🥹) 

we also want to say thank you to Landon for all the hard work he does to keep these events free & running smoothly for all of us👏🏻 if you’re able to, please consider donating! 🙂 
💚venmo: pelofondo
💚paypal: pelofondo
💚cash app
💚find donation links here: or under your finisher badge in the app

our next events are summiit climb (march 3-9) & pelofondo (april 20-21) so if you’re crazy like us - go register & get ready to do it all again 😝🤘🏻

there’s something so special about the way this team comes together and charges at a goal, the way we show up to celebrate milestones, birthdays, PRs, finishing every kendall ride in the peloton library, crossing the pelofondo finish line. no matter what it is, this crew is unfailingly right there and ready to do the damn thing, together. and truly, that’s what it’s all about — in it together every step of the way, no matter what 👊🏻 we love y’all!

#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotonfam #pelotonfitness #togetherwegofar #nkocrew #neverknockedoutcrew #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #ridepeloton #strongisbeautiful
At midnight last night I had no idea I would be doing a large event today. At 1am I was signed up for pelofondo knowing lisasuehawk would be by my side joining me! 
I had a goal of 31 miles but happy that I was able to push past it. It took me 3 hours and 33 minutes in total. 
#pelofondo #pelofondocapstone #pelofondocapstone24 #pelofondocapstonechallenge #pelofondocapstone2024 #summiitchallenges #peloton onepeloton #icandohardthings
100 miles on my Peloton in one day. 7 hours and 47 minutes. Done ✅ I ABSOLUTELY bought the medal because I have never medaled in anything besides math in my whole life. I would like to thank padded bike shorts, giant piles of snacks, the one hour nap I took at 4 pm, and luxastarte for ordering that surprise post-nap pizza. Also every single high-five along the way. And robinnyc because I figured out I was doing a whole extra mile in her classes along the way, so the last two hours was all Robin pushing. I need like five showers. #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #pelofondocapstone
To all the misfits out there: 

You are your own worst enemy. And you don’t need anyone else to add to it. Walk away. 

I woke up today and I’m polishing my crown 👑 with sweat! 

Love yourself fiercely. Turn your doubt into determination. 

Keep showing up even when it’s hard. Here’s to the silent battles everyone is going through that we don’t know about. Because we are not broken we just have different tools in our superhero toolbelt that makes us stronger. 

Trust fall into your dreams…the ones that keep you up late at night. Ask the question. Bet on yourself.

Reclaim the parts you thought you lost 

51.7 completed 
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges
I upped my miles, so 50 it is! 🚲 Come on, ride with me! You know you want to. 😁

🎶 they said we couldn’t but we did it though. we win again 🏆💚🏁

it’s hard to put into words the pride we hold for this crew. to see you all rise up to each and every challenge thrown your way and to come together, hand in hand, to overcome all the obstacles. when we say no one rides alone, we truly mean it. 

from our amazing team leads hustle4kindness and erinjensen_ to all of our incredible stack captains. to the ones who started their race at 12am and to those who finished strong at 11pm. to those who squeezed rides in during a busy life weekend and those who rode with kids on their laps (we see you manda.clarkson). to the ones who kept our group chat thriving throughout the weekend (chelles_stl we’re looking at you babes) and the ones who recruited friends and family to increase our miles (hey reilly21106). to those who listened to their body when it screamed for their attention and to those who kept going when they felt good. to the veteran riders and all our first timers. UNBELIEVABLE WORK, YA’LL

every mile mattered. and ya’ll never wavered in reaching those personal mileage goals. in fact, you CRUSHED them. 

congratulations on another huge first place finish, crew 🙌🏼 we can’t wait for the whole team to be back together in January to blow the lid off this capstone event. LFG ⚡️
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after this picture, i perished ☠️

i don’t know why i keep doing this to myself. every time i finish the summiitchallenges climb event i scream “NEVER AGAIN” and then registration rolls around and next time you know i’m pushing a bus up a mountain again 🥵

i was feeling good half way through this challenge but then life got in the way. went a little too hard on the Prosecco friday (looking at you roche333) and woke up half alive today but was so damn determined to finish this thing. 

would not have survived with the insane support and motivation from neverknockedoutcrew 💚 ya’ll are just unreal. strongmamalaura was by my side on almost every ride this week and although she had already finished her mountain, she came back on to help me finish mine. I rode on and off all day with itzamejennifer_peloton, mgb_runs and mrsashleywilson who had high fives and hands on my back like never before. if you’ve taken this challenge you know it’s just insanely hard and becomes mine over matter. 

but we did it, baby! HALEAKALA 🏔️ 
😮‍💨 10,078 feet
⏰ 5 hours 40 minutes
🚴🏼‍♀️ 26 climb rides
💪🏼 Avg output 267 watts
💨 Avg speed 63 RPM

#summiitchallenges #pelotonbike #pelotoncycle #ridepeloton #pelotonfamily #pelotoncommunity #trainpeloton #resistancetraining #cyclinglife #spinclass #pelotonmoms #momswhoworkout #pelotonrides #pelotonapparel #pelotonapp #summiitclimb #pelotontraining #pelotonbikeplus #strongaf #morethanabike #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew
2x10hr overnight shifts, 7.5hr OT, 1 period (TMI I know!) 100km Peloton. I had every excuse to not do the summiitchallenges Pelofondo this weekend BUT I couldn’t let down rosesrebels_peloton 🌹our small but kickass team! The perfectly timed delivery of the medal on Friday was also a little boost/oblige me into it 😉 
Looking back on my first 100k ride it took 6hr24m in 17 months I have chipped away exactly 2 HOURS off my time. After that first 100k ride I spent the rest of the day in bed. This time I’m ready to go again! 
Just keep peddling peeps! Bring on the next one!!! 

#rosesrebels #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #peloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #nightshiftproblems #onedayordayone
MilaMafia It's officially midnight on the ET coast, which means it's go time for Pelofondo! 🌙 Whether you're starting now or later, remember to rest, take breaks, stay hydrated, and fuel your body like the responsible baddie you are! 💪 Congratulations on participating in this weekend's long-distance cycling event! 🎉 Whether it's a few miles or big numbers, we're so proud of you! You've got this! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

Remember, if you feel like you need to adjust your goals, do so! Listen to your body and do what works best for you. 🚴‍♀️💚 Whether it's pushing harder or taking it easy, trust yourself and enjoy the journey! Most importantly, if you run into any issues, reach out to us.

Don't forget to tag us in your stories throughout the weekend! 📸 Let's see those selfies and track your progress! Share your Pelofondo experience with the MilaMafia community! 👥💬 Let's go MilaMafia! 👊 #Pelofondo #MilaMafia #CyclingEvent #GoTime #ListenToYourBody #ShareYourJourney #peloton #onepeloton #pelofondo #summiitchallenges
Yeahhhhh!!! Next goal: 200 Mi 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #pelopeasants #summiitchallenges
she’s alive ya’ll 🙌🏼

she’s showered, she’s rested and she’s soaking it all in.

pelofondo number 🤚🏼 is in the books and it was one to remember. the way this crew set such a massive goal and showed up fully to get it done is so damn impressive and inspiring. i’m beyond proud of what we’ve built and can’t wait to see where we go from here. 

⏰ 48 hours
🚴🏻‍♀️ 360 miles
🫶🏻 44 rides (thank you kendalltoole for the company 💀)
🕰️ 21:33 ride time
💨 17.1 mph
💚 one team

⚡️ N E V E R  K N O C K E D  O U T ⚡️
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #endurancecycling #enduranceracing #cyclinglife #neverknockedout #neverknockedoutcrew #NKOcrew #NKOpelofondo #onepeloton #onepelotonrider #ridepeloton #trainpeloton #pelotonfamily #pelotonbike #pelotonmom #pelotonjourney #pelotoncommunity #pelotonuk #pelotonstrength #pelotondigital
My 5️⃣th Pelofondo in the books and 3️⃣rd one with lamilamafia! I only originally signed up for 31 miles as I am trying to increase my running miles, but I felt good yesterday and the #MilaMafia vibes were just amazing that I felt like I could go on. 
Love my team, and I hope the MilaMafia members felt accomplished and supported throughout this weekend. This is never easy, and we work hard for each mile, but milamariana sure makes it fun! 
I feel so grateful for this community of the MilaMafia and Peloton that jumps on rides just to high five you as you are feeling like there is nothing left to give. I love all of you!
#pelofondo #peloton #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #summiitchallenges #pelotonflorida #ridepeloton #cycling #togetherwegofar #milamafia
Pelofondo October 2022 in the MF books, baby.

⚡️270 miles
⚡️29 rides (thanks fitxkendall for the company)
⚡️17.5 hours

Every now and then it’s important to push yourself to places you don’t think you can go. Physically, mentally, emotionally. When you do so, make sure you have the most amazing people around you in your corner reminding you who TF you are. I couldn’t have done this without my neverknockedoutcrew 💚⚡️ ya’ll inspire me to be better every single day. Each of us did incredible things this weekend and I’m so unbelievably proud. The tears, the laughs, the buckled knees, the sweat, the doubt, the accomplishment, the SNACKS (real MVPs let’s be honest) this weekend was one for the books. Let’s do it again in January!
#peloton #pelotonfam #pelotonfamily #onepeloton #pelotoncommunity #pelotoncycle #ridepeloton #pelotonbike #kendalltoole #kendallsknockouts #togetherwegofar #neverknockedout #stayinthefight #youcandohardthings #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #pelotonmoms #momsofpeloton #shsm
#pelofondo #summiitchallenges #ZYM #Scosche #peloton #indoorcycling
Nailed it. pelofondo summiitchallenges onepeloton #pelofondo #summiitchallenges #zym #scosche
Pelofondo 1 is in the books. 💪

“Zeit hat man nicht, die muss man sich nehmen.” 💯🫣

onepeloton pelofondo 
#PeloFondo #peloton #onepeloton #onepelotonfamily #pelotongermany #ridewiththebeast #erstbiestdanneis
 #pelotondeutschland #spinning #spinningbike #pelotonbike #community #togetherwegofar  #ZYM #SUMMIITCHALLENGES #Scosche
I’m addicted to doing things that are hard AF. First Pelofondo in the books! A 2 day event and you pledge a certain amount of miles to benefit a specific charity organization. This time was Alzheimer’s Association! In the middle of my ride I told myself I set my goal too high.. However I found a way and pushed through (quite slowly) and met my 100 mile goal at 5:15am today. Just a reminder that you can do it and you will do, if you set your heart to it. That’s all!💜 pelofondo #pelofondo #pelofondo2022 #summiitchallenges #pelotonaddict
#pelofondo #4 done (at least for now.. may try to sneak some more miles in). 63 miles completed before 11 a.m.., at an average speed of 19.8 mph. My goal is usually around 100-125 miles for the 2-day event, but only pledged to do 20 this go round since I’ve spent the last month focusing on strength and not riding as much as I’d like to. Still - I will gladly take it and am feeling like a total badass. 
#fitmom #peloton #brokeassbitchesofpeloton
#PeloFondo, #SUMMIITCHALLENGES #ZYM and #Scosche.
Hello #MilaMafia 👋, 
⭐️ Pelofondo is happening in two weeks 🎉! What is that? It is a virtual long-distance cycling event that lasts two days. It is free, but some members choose to buy a medal and donate to support a nonprofit (this event July 23-24 will raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association).
📌 Now is a good time to check in to see if you have registered and pledged miles with our #MilaMafia team. 
🔗 You can start adding the #Pelofondo and #Milafondo tags to your leaderboard!
🗓 If that weekend is busy for you and you can’t commit much, that is OK. You can customize your mileage goal and pledge any number 💁🏻‍♀️! 
🔎If you need help figuring out your average speed or your goal, feel free to ask away or leave a comment 👇🏼.

🙌🏻 Remember that together we go far! 

#peloton #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #fitnesslife #milamafia #ritmoriders #pelotoncommunity #pelotonfamily #pelotonbike #pelofondo #longdistancecycling #summiitchallenges #summiit #pelotonbike #ridepeloton
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